How to cope with exams.

For all those fellow students who are going through exams or will go through exams, here is a couple of tips on staying calm, and making sure you get the best grades possible without turning into headless chickens!

Make a Plan. 

Make a revision plan or maybe a timetable. Anything as long it is something reasonable and realistic which you know you will follow. I made a revision timetable and tried to study 2 hours everyday. Now when creating the time table, I suggest not to allocate specific times to a specific activity for e.g – 7:30 -Maths, 8:30- English. That is good but lets face it-are you sure you will have dinner at 8:37 in the evening and come home from school at 2:23 pm EXACTLY? It’s not a perfect world so don’t bother doing all that. What I did was just allocate the amount of revision per day for 2 subjects or sometimes 3. So I revised any time as long as I doing it for the promised amount. This was more relaxed and actually something I followed. Below is an example of a timetable I made.


Figure out your strengths and weaknesses 

Make a checklist for each subject on stuff you need to improve on and struggle with. Design it in a way that you can actually tick stuff off and not just a boring list you look at. Go crazy with making it look attractive. But not so attractive that it distracts you. Colour the boxes in, maybe color code. It’s all up to you! This is a good method in covering areas that are important and helps you keep on track. So next time you sit down to study bio, you won’t be clueless on where to start!

Eat and Drink Lots! 

It is quite important to keep hydrating ourselves and eat a healthy and balanced diet. Try to avoid fast food such as McDonald’s or KFC.  Eating fast food will just increase our chances if getting sick which is distracting whilst revising. You won’t concentrate properly! By drink mildly cold water, our body will cool down and calm us down. The cold water will cool our brain so we will think clearly as blood is flowing more smoothly!

Don’t forget to sleep

Make sure you sleep at least 8 hours a day. It gives your brain a chance to relax and also you will be fresh after you wake up. Ready to learn more and concentrate better.  Plus, research shows that you will remember things that you learned before you sleep for a long time. If you are one of those people who have no time sense and will work till you finish it- please change your habits. At one point, you will be so tired that you won’t even remember your name!

Take breaks 

Take breaks every 20-30 mins! This will help you relax and concentrate better when you come back. It is quite similar to sleeping, however, you are more active.  Go out into the garden or into the balcony. Breath some fresh air. Just for a couple of minutes forget that you have exams! This will help you think better and you will work more efficiently!


By keeping yourself active, you are not only keeping yourself healthy but also giving your brain a chance to exercise too! Once you exercise, you’re brain is fresh and is ready to learn! Plus, sitting at a desk and looking into a screen on book is boring and unhealthy. Exercising is like  a break, clearing your mind and helping you think better. But don’t do something drastic that you can’t even keep your eyes open because you are so tired. Activities like swimming, stretching, jogging, power walks and Yoga are advisable.

Avoid those who panic a lot!

Just don’t even talk to those people. Don’t even look at them. They have a contagious disease which will be passed on to you and will do nothing but drop your grades! On the day of the  don’t revise. Just look at your flashcards or notes. Skim over them. Eat a nice breakfast. Listen to some music and stay calm. All those people who are panicking will just make you nervous and make you forget everything you have learnt.

Keep in track when and where you work the best!

Having a favorite spot which is comfortable and helps you concentrate is perfect! You will work better and absorb more information. If you like working on your bed, then that’s fine. But make sure, you sit in the write posture so you won’t fall asleep or get a back ache. If you like sitting at the desk, also make sure it’s a right posture. I always had a back ache whenever I sat at the desk. After a couple or months, I noticed my posture wasn’t right, so when I fixed it and sat more upright rather than slouch, I could sit for longer and concentrate better.

There are other methods. You can Google them but this is what I think you need to do!

I hope this was helpful! Till next time- Bye!


Valentine’s Day.

Do we need one day to define our love for others?

Firstly, I don’t believe one day should be a reason to love someone even more, show our love to someone in a special and different way. I think we should love that person throughout the year, 365 days, 24/7. I mean if I was in a relationship, I don’t want my partner to give me a bouquet and a cake or a gift on that one day. Him giving me a rose everyday would be sufficient. In Fact , it would be better than chocolates- healthier and a good decoration to the house.

Furthermore, Valentine’s Day is quite depressing for people who are not involved in a relationship. Apparently, 1 in 10 adults feel lonely, insecure, depressed, or unwanted on Valentine’s Day, and 40% of our population generally associate Apparently, 1 in 10 adults feel lonely, insecure, depressed, or unwanted on Valentine’s Day, and 40% of our population generally associate the holiday with negative emotions.While people are usually on dates, those who are not in a relationship are constantly reminded about their loneliness which leads to suicide. Studies sadly continue to suggest that Valentine’s Day is “nationally, the time with the highest rate of suicide.” Yikes!

Now my opinion on valentine’s day is very negative. Although, the one benefit of valentine’s day is that it’s a tradition that has existed for many years. Because of this, it brings together many couples who can rekindle their lost love for each other.  People makes great efforts to make sure their loved one is happy and to keep up the valentine spirits.

This is it for now! Have a nice valentines day and see you!

– The Talkative Girl

What I think of the education system in India

Being an international student, a small part of me is always bothered about the fact that if I move back to India, it will be difficult and hard as it will be a complete new system that I have to get used to. Recently, my parents have been hinting that we will move to a different country after residing in Oman for almost 8 years. In those moments, a range emotions fill my body. I am happy and excited I am going somewhere different and I get to meet new people. But I will be leaving behind years of strong friendships, so many fun memories, and most of all, the reputation I built for myself over the years. If I move somewhere new, I have to start all from scratch and stay awake at night in fear that I might not be socially accepted.

One issue that stopped my parents from moving back to India is that the way of education is so much more different. Over there, for people math and science is like the spine in their body. Without, they won’t even be able to stand. Getting full marks in every exam and test and being an outcast if you dream of becoming anything other than an engineer and a doctor. This is a reason why I hate family weddings because of the questions bombarded it me by curious relatives who are suddenly interested in my life.

The way everything is taught is also different. Here at the British school, we don’t just read out of the textbook and answer questions. We learn the concept, understand it and experiment it. In India, it is much more different, they answer questions and memorize everything without understanding simple concepts. If you were to ask an engineering student a theoretical question, they will answer it easily, but a practical question will probably send them berserk! A journalist never has the same respect as a doctor will even if they have been very successful. Now I am not insulting my country and I know this way of education is used around the country because of our culture and beliefs. For us, education is very prestigious and important to us. This is why every educated Indian is so committed towards their career and life, that we are always successful in the end. However, this is subjective to each person. I am an Indian for namesake but I dream of everything other than a traditional career being part of my life. For me commitment is always thrown out of the window, people my age are so committed that they have their lives for the next 20 years planned out. I don’t even have the next 20 months planned out.

Many people I know who have studied in India, have had to take another set of examination to make them eligible to work anywhere else. Now a lot of countries are projecting, getting a degree in India is not a gift but a curse. Does this seem fair? I think this not only insults the education system in India but those who have built successful careers from it. If someone wants to be a doctor, an Indian will need to take an exam to obtain international license while a European student is left alone. I believe once someone is qualified to do their job, they shouldn’t be taking another exam to prove it. This is unfair and demotivating and maybe annoying sometimes as taking exams isn’t a charity and we have to pay to show people an understanding of our knowledge. It is a well known fact, some of the smartest people are Asians. (Now this can apply to an international students and not only Indians, but because I am an Indian, it is easier for me to speak in this perspective).

So this is it for this week.

P.S- I want to thank my friend for reminding me I have a blog to write.


So, being an international student and because of my father’s job, I have had to migrate to so many different countries, adapt their culture, understand their language and fit in. But is me being in their country a good thing?

Firstly, if I go to another country, I have to pay ten times more than a local student for my educations before getting recognized as a citizen or a permanent resident. Now, what I don’t understand is if the country want more immigrants entering their country, then why are they making us pay so much? This surely discourages us international students and we have to switch our hopes to scholarship which these days is quite rare.  It sometimes is not only the education part but health care and taxes. The country wants to encourage immigration as it will be good for them, then why are they making us carry so much burden on our shoulders? We all know, we move to a different country for a better life. Then I believe it should be made easier for us to survive in it.

I have heard so many stories that people tell my family about how they spent half their lives paying back the debts and loans they borrowed from banks when they were an international student. Moving on in life has been an issue because of the baggage that held them back.

There are many benefits of immigrants in a country. They help with the economy as immigrants are more likely to open their own businesses which increases opportunities by recruiting locals but also brings investment options. A immigrant businessman is more likely to invest in the local companies for goods, supplies, manufacturing and services to reduce costs for more profit. So this increases the country’s economy and GDP. A immigrants we spend more money, so we are naturally contributing to the country’s economy.

Now I have only mentioned this advantages because this is what I think of immigration. There a disadvantages as well, but not in my knowledge so please don’t change your opinion after reading this or please don’t complain that I am being biased. I only wrote what I know and I didn’t want to talk about something I didn’t know.

Books, Books and Books!


there is a question you can think about!

So recently, I have gone on a reading spree. I have practically finished 6 books in a week. This is probably the reason why I don’t do very well in academics. But, that is my parents’ problem. They are the ones who will look me in the eye, and just accept that their daughter is a good for nothing, future traveler. Maybe, but first GCSEs need to get done.

The most recent book I have read, is called ‘The Red Sari’ by Javier Moro.

So being an Indian, my country’s history has always fascinated me. I have always found myself wondering if India was part of the British empire for longer, would everything turn out differently? What if Nehru never met Gandhi and became the prime minister of India? The Nehru-Gandhi family has been in the office for almost 33 years out of 67 years, if they never were part of it, what would be like?

These questions always boggled my family and we understood we can never imagine such things specially after India has come so far and is developing vastly with majority of the population educated, open-minded and modern. But this has also resulted in the fact that we are slowly letting go of our culture which is what kept our country alive and together.

I am not a political person and for me politics never interested me. I never found it interesting and never understood it. So when my mother first mentioned this book to me. I was a bit obstinate and reluctant to read it. However, my mum convinced me and I thought let’s give it go. It wasn’t so bad after I read it.

The book is from the point of view of Sonia Gandhi but written in 3rd person. It tells the reader about how she met the prodigal Rajiv Gandhi long before he came into power and revolutionized what is now India. Its the tale of how they both fell in love and got married and her life being the daughter-in-law of the most powerful woman in India- Indira Gandhi. The books also tells the readers about how Sonia had to adapt to Indian custom and move away from her Italian background. The readers also know more about Rajiv and Indira Gandhi’s Assassinations and Sanjay Gandhi’s death, how the family coped with it and so on.

Throughout this book, being bought up outside of India for most of my life. I found this fascinating. Having gone so deep into their lives, every aspect just surprised me. Even though I was so amazed by the book, I never et my self forget it was written for Sonia so it made her look more angelic she she really is. With a little common sense, we can figure out there are parts missing and some not mentioned. But I guess there are always two sides to a story and this was just one of them. It was a fun read and we learn a lot through the book.

So this is it for now, and keep reading! Bye.