Rant- No.2

The other day, while I was visiting some family members, I was asked a question. What do you want to do with your life, Sruthi? Engineering or Medicine? Okay that was two questions. But what made me laugh was that for my family and almost every Indian parent I came across, only two professions existed. Their little minds could not wrap themselves around the idea of other jobs. At that point, I let my eyes search around for a knife or a chair I could use as a weapon to kill these people. But, they were family after all so I left that job up to God. I usually would let my mother handle this question since I knew I would sound like an asshole if I responded. And that would mean I would be stepping out of their “good girl” image and plunge myself into their next gossip sessions. But this time, I answered. I said “Media, aunty. I hope to do something in the media field. I am applying for Media and communications in most Universities.” My answered was pretty straight forward, yet I was given the most confused looks.

“What can you do with Media?” One clueless uncle asked with a slight laugh. Poor him, my mother probably felt sorry for the wrath that he was about to face from me.

I glared at him. Was he mocking me? I decided to calmly answer him.

” You can do many things. You can work in Public Relations, Marketing, Journalism, Editorial jobs, the Film Industry and etc”

I could see the struggle the elders were making in grasping this new  information but I waited for another idiotic comment or question.

“It’s ok Sruthi. Some kids are just not academically capable. But you are doing something that you are confident in and happy with so, well done!” someone said.

I lost it. If I were a cartoon, I would be boiling in red liquid from top to bottom. I was about to strangle the life out of that person. How could they say that? Just because this isn’t math or science, anyone who studies this subject is an intellectual retard? Every india person I came across thinks I am an academically weak and stupid person. It was funny to watch them look at me with concern and my parents walking around with their head held high.

See, many don’t remember that Media is such a crucial part of our lives. Everything around us is Media or a result of it. You wake up in the morning and read a newspaper- Media. Turn the tv on and virtually EVERYTHING on there also comes under media. Social Media = media. The truth is, Media is just as important as the Science or the Math fields. If it wasn’t for the Media industry, where would humanity be? We would probably still think the earth was flat. We wouldn’t be able to question things, explore our knowledge and creativity if it wasn’t for Media. Because of media, a poor child is getting the education he deserved. Because of media, a rapist is finally being punished for his crimes. Because of media, a child who could possibly be the next astronaut, is learning about the moon.

So before you think about dismissing media as some useless subject, THINK. And for those who are constantly attacked then stop them. Or don’t stop them. It is enjoyable watching people making a fool of themselves.


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