Revision Tips and Websites for GCSE students!

In a few months,  every GCSE student will write a series of exams that will be a very important for their careers and life. It’s vital they do their best because what is done can’t be undone. The scores you will get once you open that envelope will remain with you for the rest of your lives. Here are top 5 ways to revise and websites to make sure you attain the best you can.

Disclaimer- They are not in order so some might be more effective or less effective than others.


No.1- Past Papers

You have probably heard this many times and being someone who recently took the GCSE exams can certify that this is a very useful way of studying.  Do as many past papers as you can. First, start off “open-book” so use the textbook and notes as a guide. Then once, you are doing them more frequently, do the past papers without any guide under timed conditions. The more past papers you do, the more practice you get. So you don’t get a shock and get stressed if you see a question that you have never attempted before. By doing past papers, you can experience the different types of questions that will be given in the exam. There only a limited type of questions that any exam can ask. Most of the time, the same question will be asked but  worded differently so you can confidently answer.

No.2- Examiners’ Reports

This is are vital and not many students understand the importance of them. Basically, after marking papers and releasing the results and grade boundaries, the examiners will make a report which is filled with comments, trends and suggestions on each question of the paper. They will tell us how many students got a certain question wrong/right and why. This is quite helpful since you can understand ways to answer question and avoid mistakes that other students make.

No.3- Revision timetable and journal


So, you probably have heard this far too often but yes- it works. Create a simple and realistic timetable. This helps you keep in track of what you are doing and how you progress through your journey. Don’t allocate timings like 4:30- Maths. Maybe allocate the amount you would like to spend such as 30 mins- Math. This way, you are more flexible in when you can revise and makes it more fun rather than boring and restrictive. Journals are great in recording how you revise so it allows you to amend your ways and improve how you revise. If you notice that you have been working Trigonometry for 4 hours and still don’t score enough marks then this is a sign to go ask others help. Revision schedule and journal go hand in hand since they help each other. The schedule will help you remembder when to study and journal will help you remember how you studied.

N0.4- Group studies

You know what, next time your friends decide to hang out, instead of filling it with gossip, chatter, food and drinks. Maybe try to take a textbook along or your notes. This means you can clear any doubts and ask each other questions test yourself and discuss points. You can highlight each others’ strengths and weaknesses and plus its fun to study with others. This means you are socialising and being productive at the same. You won’t feel guilty about how you spend your time but not regret that you are not socialising enough.

No.5- Flash Cards

This was my mantra for every subject. It helped me understand concepts and memorize things. If it weren’t for flashcards, I don’t think I would have passed many diffcult subject such as the three sciences and Media Studies which involved a lot of information that needed to be memorized. This is also useful when you want someone to test you or you can test yourself by sticking a question on one side and an anaswer the other side. This way, you are practicing questions but also memorizing things!



BBC Bitesize

Revision World

For Math GCSE practice

There are many more. You can even visit forums such as Student Room for more tips and things that may be useful for you.






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