Faith in Humanity- Lost or Restored?|The Current Situation.

So recently, while surfing the internet, I came across many situations that people went through that really made me wonder “are we really that close to the moment when there is no hope in humanity and all faith is lost?” There have been many incidents that stormed the internet with that defined a completely new level of rude and outrageous behavior!

Discrimination is one of the most singled out issue in the world that has been a huge problem from the day humans started to evolve. We have always segregated others and made them feel something that is indescribable because of many factors. Race, Gender, Sexuality, Religion and Appearance. These are just a few of many others. But today, I want to speak out about Racism.

Being an Indian, I have always felt racism around me, towards me and towards others from the same country as me. I was made fun of because of my accent, my food, my culture. People just stereotype about Indians BIG TIME. For all those out there, putting on that stupid accent and bobbling your head IS offensive, and many people just do it for fun but they never realize that it hurts us. If we can’t speak English that doesn’t mean we are illiterate. There are many things we do and we have no choice as its part of our culture. If my food stinks than surely you have never eaten other dishes from other cuisines. (Serra da Estrela- A type of cheese originated from Portugal) and they stink even worse. But we never complained about it. Making fun of blue collar workers isn’t really their choice. It was their only way of supporting their family because they are probably the only breadwinners of the family. And furthermore, not every Indian is a servant, waiter or a taxi drivers. There are Indians out there who revolutionized the world. You wouldn’t even be reading this on your laptop without Aryabhata’s help (Zero as a number)! These are just a few things most Indians get discriminated about. Not everyone, those lucky people are just… Lucky I guess!

Now as I ranted about Indians, others get the feel of racism too. And it’s no brainer about who it is. Muslims. From a very young age, I was taught to respect anyone from any religion and not to discourage others or prove my religion is better. And I hate it when others do it. I understand about all those past events that occurred and people still feel like every single Muslim out there is a terrorist. My friend is a Muslim, but she wouldn’t even hurt a fly. This issue has escalated too far and people need to stop. There is some change we see and we know humanity is still alive. Last weekend, I heard a Muslim woman was rejected a job due to her hijab violating that company’s dress code. However, the U.S Supreme Court ruled in her favor. Read all about it in the link below

Another example I came across, completely angered me about no one stood up for a woman who felt so helpless in this situation and I hoped people would have reacted in a better way. This is probably one of many incidents that occurred but never saw the day of light because those people probably want to live a peaceful life.


Another famous example of racism which spurred America crazy was those recent shooting when white cops arresting and shooting black people. I mean some people need to move on. Like the rest of the country has. Even a five year child knows better and those who act in such ways need to be more considerate.

Racism at this point of the stage is very delicate and I hope I have not insulted anyone. When all these incidents happened, I really wanted to get it out there for people to read. When I spoke about racism towards Indians, this is what happened to me. So if you haven’t experienced it or felt it in a different way than sure. I won’t deny it.


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