What I think of the education system in India

Being an international student, a small part of me is always bothered about the fact that if I move back to India, it will be difficult and hard as it will be a complete new system that I have to get used to. Recently, my parents have been hinting that we will move to a different country after residing in Oman for almost 8 years. In those moments, a range emotions fill my body. I am happy and excited I am going somewhere different and I get to meet new people. But I will be leaving behind years of strong friendships, so many fun memories, and most of all, the reputation I built for myself over the years. If I move somewhere new, I have to start all from scratch and stay awake at night in fear that I might not be socially accepted.

One issue that stopped my parents from moving back to India is that the way of education is so much more different. Over there, for people math and science is like the spine in their body. Without, they won’t even be able to stand. Getting full marks in every exam and test and being an outcast if you dream of becoming anything other than an engineer and a doctor. This is a reason why I hate family weddings because of the questions bombarded it me by curious relatives who are suddenly interested in my life.

The way everything is taught is also different. Here at the British school, we don’t just read out of the textbook and answer questions. We learn the concept, understand it and experiment it. In India, it is much more different, they answer questions and memorize everything without understanding simple concepts. If you were to ask an engineering student a theoretical question, they will answer it easily, but a practical question will probably send them berserk! A journalist never has the same respect as a doctor will even if they have been very successful. Now I am not insulting my country and I know this way of education is used around the country because of our culture and beliefs. For us, education is very prestigious and important to us. This is why every educated Indian is so committed towards their career and life, that we are always successful in the end. However, this is subjective to each person. I am an Indian for namesake but I dream of everything other than a traditional career being part of my life. For me commitment is always thrown out of the window, people my age are so committed that they have their lives for the next 20 years planned out. I don’t even have the next 20 months planned out.

Many people I know who have studied in India, have had to take another set of examination to make them eligible to work anywhere else. Now a lot of countries are projecting, getting a degree in India is not a gift but a curse. Does this seem fair? I think this not only insults the education system in India but those who have built successful careers from it. If someone wants to be a doctor, an Indian will need to take an exam to obtain international license while a European student is left alone. I believe once someone is qualified to do their job, they shouldn’t be taking another exam to prove it. This is unfair and demotivating and maybe annoying sometimes as taking exams isn’t a charity and we have to pay to show people an understanding of our knowledge. It is a well known fact, some of the smartest people are Asians. (Now this can apply to an international students and not only Indians, but because I am an Indian, it is easier for me to speak in this perspective).

So this is it for this week.

P.S- I want to thank my friend for reminding me I have a blog to write.


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