So, being an international student and because of my father’s job, I have had to migrate to so many different countries, adapt their culture, understand their language and fit in. But is me being in their country a good thing?

Firstly, if I go to another country, I have to pay ten times more than a local student for my educations before getting recognized as a citizen or a permanent resident. Now, what I don’t understand is if the country want more immigrants entering their country, then why are they making us pay so much? This surely discourages us international students and we have to switch our hopes to scholarship which these days is quite rare.  It sometimes is not only the education part but health care and taxes. The country wants to encourage immigration as it will be good for them, then why are they making us carry so much burden on our shoulders? We all know, we move to a different country for a better life. Then I believe it should be made easier for us to survive in it.

I have heard so many stories that people tell my family about how they spent half their lives paying back the debts and loans they borrowed from banks when they were an international student. Moving on in life has been an issue because of the baggage that held them back.

There are many benefits of immigrants in a country. They help with the economy as immigrants are more likely to open their own businesses which increases opportunities by recruiting locals but also brings investment options. A immigrant businessman is more likely to invest in the local companies for goods, supplies, manufacturing and services to reduce costs for more profit. So this increases the country’s economy and GDP. A immigrants we spend more money, so we are naturally contributing to the country’s economy.

Now I have only mentioned this advantages because this is what I think of immigration. There a disadvantages as well, but not in my knowledge so please don’t change your opinion after reading this or please don’t complain that I am being biased. I only wrote what I know and I didn’t want to talk about something I didn’t know.


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