Books, Books and Books!


there is a question you can think about!

So recently, I have gone on a reading spree. I have practically finished 6 books in a week. This is probably the reason why I don’t do very well in academics. But, that is my parents’ problem. They are the ones who will look me in the eye, and just accept that their daughter is a good for nothing, future traveler. Maybe, but first GCSEs need to get done.

The most recent book I have read, is called ‘The Red Sari’ by Javier Moro.

So being an Indian, my country’s history has always fascinated me. I have always found myself wondering if India was part of the British empire for longer, would everything turn out differently? What if Nehru never met Gandhi and became the prime minister of India? The Nehru-Gandhi family has been in the office for almost 33 years out of 67 years, if they never were part of it, what would be like?

These questions always boggled my family and we understood we can never imagine such things specially after India has come so far and is developing vastly with majority of the population educated, open-minded and modern. But this has also resulted in the fact that we are slowly letting go of our culture which is what kept our country alive and together.

I am not a political person and for me politics never interested me. I never found it interesting and never understood it. So when my mother first mentioned this book to me. I was a bit obstinate and reluctant to read it. However, my mum convinced me and I thought let’s give it go. It wasn’t so bad after I read it.

The book is from the point of view of Sonia Gandhi but written in 3rd person. It tells the reader about how she met the prodigal Rajiv Gandhi long before he came into power and revolutionized what is now India. Its the tale of how they both fell in love and got married and her life being the daughter-in-law of the most powerful woman in India- Indira Gandhi. The books also tells the readers about how Sonia had to adapt to Indian custom and move away from her Italian background. The readers also know more about Rajiv and Indira Gandhi’s Assassinations and Sanjay Gandhi’s death, how the family coped with it and so on.

Throughout this book, being bought up outside of India for most of my life. I found this fascinating. Having gone so deep into their lives, every aspect just surprised me. Even though I was so amazed by the book, I never et my self forget it was written for Sonia so it made her look more angelic she she really is. With a little common sense, we can figure out there are parts missing and some not mentioned. But I guess there are always two sides to a story and this was just one of them. It was a fun read and we learn a lot through the book.

So this is it for now, and keep reading! Bye.


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