The warm South Indian wind slowly blew the loose end of my silk sari. It was 38 degrees and cold sweat drops trickled down my back. It was quite and each set of the 10,000 eyes at the royal courtyard patiently watched as the pandit chanted his mantras. I was draped in red and gold with heavy jewelry handpicked by my mother. I was dressed like I was about to be married but I was being crowned the next queen of Andhra Pradesh- a telugu speaking state in South India. As the diamond necklace choked my damp neck, I looked forward into the eyes of the man who just declared me Queen. He placed the vintage, gold crown that once rightfully belonged to my grandmother, on my head. It felt heavy. The sun glared down at me and I felt dizzy. I was unsure whether it was the heat or the people who are observing every movement I make made me feel like that. I turned and held my sword up to the air. With a sudden burst of adrenaline, I shouted my family name “Jai Lahagari Khatri”.  A roar of the same name echoed through the courtyard and birds flew away. Frightened and shocked by the sudden outburst.I was a revolution. I was a warrior. This was what my people thought of me and this is why they chose me to be their next ruler.

My father was from Andhra Pradesh but my mother was from Baluchistan. He too fought for the right to love the woman he intended to marry. He fought for his happiness. My mother was immediately rejected by grandmother. And it was no surprise. My mother was neither Indian or Hindu. She was from Pakistan and a muslim. My father fell in love but also fell out with his family. However, after a year of persuading and convincing, the man broke the wall and got through. He finally got married to Sara Lahagari. She was now called Rajkumari Sara Lahagari Khatri. My father was the youngest and third child. He was never destined to win the throne and he never wanted to but it was never expected that his eldest daughter would lead his state in the future. My father’s older brothers were not interested in the throne either. They were more into the business aspect of royal hood. Since I have been involved in every royal activity from a young age, my grandmother did not fret even once when the uttered my name on her death bed. The woman who didn’t have energy to even open her eyes, gathered all her strength to choose me as her successor. I had to accept.


“Rajkumari Ananya?” a voice hovered from a distance. I was sitting in my balcony, staring into the tall mountains protected me.

I looked over to my left and watched as a frail figure stumbled towards me. I was shocked to see how someone could enter into this private space.

“You are not allowed in here, Miss. You are breaking a law” I carefully told her. But, she didn’t stop. Her stride was stopped when she was only 3 feet away from me. She looked up and I skipped a heart beat. I stopped breathing and could feel tears rolling down my eyes.

Amamma” I whispered to my grandmother. Filled with shock, I stood on my two feet and walked over to her. Not for a second I wondered if this was real or not. The feeling of seeing the woman who lead a state with an iron heart, over took my rational thinking. I hugged her. But I could not feel anything except for a cold whiff of breeze on my skin.

“You know, I am not real” she snickered. “I am here to tell you something. Yesterday, you officially took over my job. And I am sure you will do a great job, my love. But, you need to remember something important. You are not the queen to the people of this state now. You are their family member. You need to treat everyone like they are you own so they know they can trust you. Don’t ever bow down but rather  walk with your head held high. Show the world what sort of women we Khatris are. And finally, be humble and noble. ”

She spoke softly and her eyes sparkled as the words rolled out of her mouth. Before I could respond she disappeared. I was still in the pose as if I was hugging her.I fixed myself and walked into the sitting room. My brother, Aakash was on the couch working on his laptop. He looked up and smiled. I knew I was not insane.

The thought of discussing what just happened with someone hit me. But, I stopped myself and decided to keep this to myself. I decided to just sleep and begin my royal duties with a fresh start. I was questioning my skills for this job and whether I would fill the large shoes that were left behind. But I now know. I placed my crown in the box and laid on the soft, silky bed. I took one last breath before I drifted into my dreams ready to make a change tomorrow.




 Rant- No.2

The other day, while I was visiting some family members, I was asked a question. What do you want to do with your life, Sruthi? Engineering or Medicine? Okay that was two questions. But what made me laugh was that for my family and almost every Indian parent I came across, only two professions existed. Their little minds could not wrap themselves around the idea of other jobs. At that point, I let my eyes search around for a knife or a chair I could use as a weapon to kill these people. But, they were family after all so I left that job up to God. I usually would let my mother handle this question since I knew I would sound like an asshole if I responded. And that would mean I would be stepping out of their “good girl” image and plunge myself into their next gossip sessions. But this time, I answered. I said “Media, aunty. I hope to do something in the media field. I am applying for Media and communications in most Universities.” My answered was pretty straight forward, yet I was given the most confused looks.

“What can you do with Media?” One clueless uncle asked with a slight laugh. Poor him, my mother probably felt sorry for the wrath that he was about to face from me.

I glared at him. Was he mocking me? I decided to calmly answer him.

” You can do many things. You can work in Public Relations, Marketing, Journalism, Editorial jobs, the Film Industry and etc”

I could see the struggle the elders were making in grasping this new  information but I waited for another idiotic comment or question.

“It’s ok Sruthi. Some kids are just not academically capable. But you are doing something that you are confident in and happy with so, well done!” someone said.

I lost it. If I were a cartoon, I would be boiling in red liquid from top to bottom. I was about to strangle the life out of that person. How could they say that? Just because this isn’t math or science, anyone who studies this subject is an intellectual retard? Every india person I came across thinks I am an academically weak and stupid person. It was funny to watch them look at me with concern and my parents walking around with their head held high.

See, many don’t remember that Media is such a crucial part of our lives. Everything around us is Media or a result of it. You wake up in the morning and read a newspaper- Media. Turn the tv on and virtually EVERYTHING on there also comes under media. Social Media = media. The truth is, Media is just as important as the Science or the Math fields. If it wasn’t for the Media industry, where would humanity be? We would probably still think the earth was flat. We wouldn’t be able to question things, explore our knowledge and creativity if it wasn’t for Media. Because of media, a poor child is getting the education he deserved. Because of media, a rapist is finally being punished for his crimes. Because of media, a child who could possibly be the next astronaut, is learning about the moon.

So before you think about dismissing media as some useless subject, THINK. And for those who are constantly attacked then stop them. Or don’t stop them. It is enjoyable watching people making a fool of themselves.

Story 1- Rani

As I peered through the white and gold windows, I wondered. I wondered about the life I lead. A life filled with extravagance, jewels and fame. A life of a queen. Monotonous. Not liberal. The warm weather was a blessing from the cold I have been through in London. The enjoyed the humidity making my skin slightly oily and the soft blaze of the sun tickling my skin. The rare sweep of the wind here and then, swaying my hair and the slight comfort I am rewarded with the chill breezy it offers, forcing a slight shiver from me. The weather was beautiful and serene. If only it was like this always.

I was crowned Her Highness Raj Kumari Ayana Singh Rathod, eight months ago. Unexpectedly. My father, King Taran Singh Rathod, succumbed to the wounds of a broken and weak heart. In a span of one month, I lost my mother too. Our kingdom, my kingdom lost their leaders. Leaders who were examples for their motivation and bedtime stories for their children. And now, a 24 year old, innocent and nervous princess was their queen.

I was an only child. My father always said, “you fulfilled every happiness and wish of mine, so why should I have another child?” At that moment, I would feel important and proud of myself. I still remember the day he died. I came back from London after a business trip and we planned to have dinner together. I wanted to tell him some important news. But when I arrived, I wasn’t welcomed with laughter, flowers or celebration. But rather with the cries of the public, the sorrow of my mother and the harsh revelation that I was going to lose the man who held my hand at every step.

It all happened too fast. The day after my father died, we held the funeral and the memorial service. The very same evening, I was crowned the Queen. Three days after, I started my royal duties. I was told to forget about my life in London. My life as a fashion designer and to lead a country. I was educated but you are never taught things like how to make executive decisions for your country and be a good a queen. Before I could even learn to swim, I was thrown into a deep and bottomless sea.

I had the power to lead an army. The power to make an impact. The power to influence. And so, as my first choice as queen, I decided to open enrichment centers for women across the country. I made sure, the first impression I gave to my people was solid. The women of my country were talented and intelligent. But ignored. These enrichment centers provided jobs for women in agriculture, media, textiles and education. I gave them a chance to build their identity and set examples for the rest of the world. My first move was enough to establish my capabilities as a queen. I had no one to stop me then.

But now, it is different. I thought a good queen should fix everyone’s problems. But how  , if I can barely fix my own? I am on six different types of medication for anxiety and depression. I am an emotional recluse. The pressure of making sure I don’t lead my country into a dark hole and still being the light at the end of the tunnel for my country, was too much for me to bear. I visited seven doctors from all over the world, and each consultation ended with  “You are lonely and you should get married”. Can’t I be left alone? Am I disabled from functioning normally because my one true love is not a human. But my feminist brain is saying that. Somewhere deep inside, my heart craves for a companion. For a partner who can stand by me like my father did. A companion who could rule the county with love and affection. Not, greed or desire.



I am not a “cool” kid and I am not super good-looking either. There are few things about me that are actually interesting but those help me achieve simply things in life and just make an image for myself. What I am trying to say is there is very less about me that attracts people towards me and more traits that drive people away. I am aware of that which is why even though I shouldn’t have any faith in people left, I still trust every single person I know with all my heart.

My strength is my weakness. I care for someone and trust someone immensely no matter who they are- to an extent. I don’t judge that person and I don’t expect anything from them. But I just never understand why I am constantly getting hurt or mis-treated if I am so nice to someone.

I have lived in many countries and moved around a lot and so I should be used to making new friends all the time. The fact is I love meeting new people and I know how to handle situations like this. i make friends and I am privileged that I am friends with these people. But yet, still whenever I fall back, there is no one to catch me because all the people who I thought were my friends are just people who want to use me. Everyone is nice and friendly and all BFF with you until they are done extracting resources from you and they throw you away like you are some crap that got stuck on their shoe.

I know there are flaws in me but I find more flaws in everyone else. Truth is, EVERYBODY IS An ASSHOLE. Even I am. But I have some dignity to step down when I need to.I have met people who think the world revolves around them or they are the only with issues. I know people who are so freaking self-centered and its sad because they are so narrow minded and selfish. They are never going to accomplish anything in life. I know someone who doesn’t even the have the self-respect to apologize after a mistake. Like, you hurt me, you ruin my whole plan and screw up everything and have the nerve to stand up and face me like you own the damn world. Saying the word sorry doesn’t hurt your image or you, in fact, you might feel better and not live in guilt the whole time.

You know what pisses me of the most, people just crave for all the wrong things. They are guided by the wrong people and so have the wrong ideologies within them. This leads to them making mistakes but even worse, it makes them think they are better than everyone else. The reality is they are JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE. Everyone thinks now is the age when you need to live your life- high school. Not exactly, now is the age you do one mistake and your whole life is ruined. I have seen real-life examples and trust me- it’s the worst feeling ever to know you have failed everything, everybody and most importantly yourself.

Now, reading all this, nothing makes sense. I know. It’s a rant and I am angry. But the fact that you have read all this means a lot to me. Thanks for understanding if you get what I am trying to say. For those who think I am being an idiot, take your head out of your butt and stick it in the trash because no body cares.

Revision Tips and Websites for GCSE students!

In a few months,  every GCSE student will write a series of exams that will be a very important for their careers and life. It’s vital they do their best because what is done can’t be undone. The scores you will get once you open that envelope will remain with you for the rest of your lives. Here are top 5 ways to revise and websites to make sure you attain the best you can.

Disclaimer- They are not in order so some might be more effective or less effective than others.


No.1- Past Papers

You have probably heard this many times and being someone who recently took the GCSE exams can certify that this is a very useful way of studying.  Do as many past papers as you can. First, start off “open-book” so use the textbook and notes as a guide. Then once, you are doing them more frequently, do the past papers without any guide under timed conditions. The more past papers you do, the more practice you get. So you don’t get a shock and get stressed if you see a question that you have never attempted before. By doing past papers, you can experience the different types of questions that will be given in the exam. There only a limited type of questions that any exam can ask. Most of the time, the same question will be asked but  worded differently so you can confidently answer.

No.2- Examiners’ Reports

This is are vital and not many students understand the importance of them. Basically, after marking papers and releasing the results and grade boundaries, the examiners will make a report which is filled with comments, trends and suggestions on each question of the paper. They will tell us how many students got a certain question wrong/right and why. This is quite helpful since you can understand ways to answer question and avoid mistakes that other students make.

No.3- Revision timetable and journal


So, you probably have heard this far too often but yes- it works. Create a simple and realistic timetable. This helps you keep in track of what you are doing and how you progress through your journey. Don’t allocate timings like 4:30- Maths. Maybe allocate the amount you would like to spend such as 30 mins- Math. This way, you are more flexible in when you can revise and makes it more fun rather than boring and restrictive. Journals are great in recording how you revise so it allows you to amend your ways and improve how you revise. If you notice that you have been working Trigonometry for 4 hours and still don’t score enough marks then this is a sign to go ask others help. Revision schedule and journal go hand in hand since they help each other. The schedule will help you remembder when to study and journal will help you remember how you studied.

N0.4- Group studies

You know what, next time your friends decide to hang out, instead of filling it with gossip, chatter, food and drinks. Maybe try to take a textbook along or your notes. This means you can clear any doubts and ask each other questions test yourself and discuss points. You can highlight each others’ strengths and weaknesses and plus its fun to study with others. This means you are socialising and being productive at the same. You won’t feel guilty about how you spend your time but not regret that you are not socialising enough.

No.5- Flash Cards

This was my mantra for every subject. It helped me understand concepts and memorize things. If it weren’t for flashcards, I don’t think I would have passed many diffcult subject such as the three sciences and Media Studies which involved a lot of information that needed to be memorized. This is also useful when you want someone to test you or you can test yourself by sticking a question on one side and an anaswer the other side. This way, you are practicing questions but also memorizing things!




BBC Bitesize 


Revision World 


For Math GCSE practice 


There are many more. You can even visit forums such as Student Room for more tips and things that may be useful for you.





Faith in Humanity- Lost or Restored?|The Current Situation.

So recently, while surfing the internet, I came across many situations that people went through that really made me wonder “are we really that close to the moment when there is no hope in humanity and all faith is lost?” There have been many incidents that stormed the internet with that defined a completely new level of rude and outrageous behavior!

Discrimination is one of the most singled out issue in the world that has been a huge problem from the day humans started to evolve. We have always segregated others and made them feel something that is indescribable because of many factors. Race, Gender, Sexuality, Religion and Appearance. These are just a few of many others. But today, I want to speak out about Racism.

Being an Indian, I have always felt racism around me, towards me and towards others from the same country as me. I was made fun of because of my accent, my food, my culture. People just stereotype about Indians BIG TIME. For all those out there, putting on that stupid accent and bobbling your head IS offensive, and many people just do it for fun but they never realize that it hurts us. If we can’t speak English that doesn’t mean we are illiterate. There are many things we do and we have no choice as its part of our culture. If my food stinks than surely you have never eaten other dishes from other cuisines. (Serra da Estrela- A type of cheese originated from Portugal) and they stink even worse. But we never complained about it. Making fun of blue collar workers isn’t really their choice. It was their only way of supporting their family because they are probably the only breadwinners of the family. And furthermore, not every Indian is a servant, waiter or a taxi drivers. There are Indians out there who revolutionized the world. You wouldn’t even be reading this on your laptop without Aryabhata’s help (Zero as a number)! These are just a few things most Indians get discriminated about. Not everyone, those lucky people are just… Lucky I guess!

Now as I ranted about Indians, others get the feel of racism too. And it’s no brainer about who it is. Muslims. From a very young age, I was taught to respect anyone from any religion and not to discourage others or prove my religion is better. And I hate it when others do it. I understand about all those past events that occurred and people still feel like every single Muslim out there is a terrorist. My friend is a Muslim, but she wouldn’t even hurt a fly. This issue has escalated too far and people need to stop. There is some change we see and we know humanity is still alive. Last weekend, I heard a Muslim woman was rejected a job due to her hijab violating that company’s dress code. However, the U.S Supreme Court ruled in her favor. Read all about it in the link below


Another example I came across, completely angered me about no one stood up for a woman who felt so helpless in this situation and I hoped people would have reacted in a better way. This is probably one of many incidents that occurred but never saw the day of light because those people probably want to live a peaceful life.


Another famous example of racism which spurred America crazy was those recent shooting when white cops arresting and shooting black people. I mean some people need to move on. Like the rest of the country has. Even a five year child knows better and those who act in such ways need to be more considerate.

Racism at this point of the stage is very delicate and I hope I have not insulted anyone. When all these incidents happened, I really wanted to get it out there for people to read. When I spoke about racism towards Indians, this is what happened to me. So if you haven’t experienced it or felt it in a different way than sure. I won’t deny it.


Ranking the Villains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Being a huge comic fan, these is an interesting list.

Funk's House of Geekery

The legendary Stan “The Man” Lee once spoke about how he had to put more effort into writing the villains than he did the heroes. The way Lee looked at it, the hero had to remain stalwart and noble, but the villain was the exciting character who sought top bring change and define the hero. With the Marvel Universe now a mainstay of the silver screen the villains; Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, John Romita, and others brought to life are now staples of pop culture. Since villains are such an important part of these films, here is the ranking of the top baddies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


12. Malekith the Accursed (Thor: The Dark World): When it was announced that gifted character actor, Christopher Eccelston would be playing the infamous Dark Elf fans were salivating. These same fans were more than disappointed when they discovered that the…

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